Why go with SaberSim vs. FantasyCruncher?


Lineup optimizers changed the game when they came out and FantasyCruncher was one of the first, launching over 5 years ago.

…but DFS isn’t the same game today that it was back then. Not even close.

If you want to win today, you need lineups with the right stacks, value plays, and fades.

Old school optimizers (like FantasyCruncher) ignore ALL of that.

In order to get strong lineups from FantasyCruncher, you need to spend hours dialing in every. single. setting.

Who has time for that? We didn’tand that’s why we built SaberSim.

SaberSim is the only lineup builder that automatically accounts for correlations, ownership, and variance so you can build better lineups, faster.

If you’re ready to see what SaberSim can do for you, start your free 3-day trial now.

Need more?

Here are 5 more reasons to choose SaberSim vs. FantasyCruncher…

1) We want you to try before you buy

We have a completely free 3-day trial so you can see if SaberSim is right for you without spending a cent. At FantasyCruncher, you have to pony up for a full month if you want to give it a shot.

2) We have a one-of-a-kind simulator

Powering all of our tools is our custom simulator that uses dozens of variables to simulate every single game, play-by-play, thousands of times. This unique process gives you data FantasyCruncher (or any other site) can’t come close to matching.

3) We have the best projections

FantasyCruncher gives you a player’s average projection, but individual games are anything but average. The thousands of data points from our simulations allow us to build projections that go beyond averages and capture a player’s true range of outcomes. Nobody else can do this.

4) We don’t tout

If you want “cheatsheets” on who to play and don’t care if thousands of other people get the same tips, then maybe FantasyCruncher is for you. At SaberSim, we don’t tell you who to play. Instead, we’ve partnered with top pros (like giantsquid and nomoreiloveyous) to create content that helps make you a better player, week-in and week-out.

5) We value all of our players

If you’re on DFS Twitter, then this speaks for itself. If you aren’t, just know that no matter your question or skill-level, we’re always here to help.

Don’t just take my word for it…


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