Your optimizer is obsolete.

They built a faster horse, we built a rocketship

"Traditional optimizers are outdated. I've tried almost every one of them, and SaberSim is the best one, hands down."
Julien S. (Aka Giantsquid)
NFL Millionaire Maker Winner
- Sabersim Partner
"SaberSim notices players I'd never pick up on. You get more leverage and value using a sim built by data scientists."
Max S. (Aka msteinberg009)
NFL Millionaire Maker Winner
- Sabersim Partner
"I didn’t think regular guys could have big scores like that. I keep looking at my DK balance because it still doesn’t feel real."
Douglas S. (aka IAMDMS)
NFL 100k Winner
- SaberSim Member

Times changed, optimizers didn't

Optimizers launched when cash games were cash machines.

Want to win? Just play the lineup with the highest average score.

So, this is what optis were built to do. But here’s the problem…

Everyone knows this, so the easy money is gone.

Now, the money is in GPPs.

…and you don’t win tournaments with average scores.

Stop doing your optimizer's job

To beat GPPs, you need to find the high-upside players and build the right stacks—all while separating yourself from the field.

Your edge comes from building a game plan with your research, but you spend most of your time fighting with your opti to turn this into lineups.

…and even if you spend hours setting rules, you know you can’t account for all of the important exceptions:

  • Should you always stack your QB with exactly two receivers
  • What if it’s a rushing QB?
  • What if it’s a weather game?
  • Should you ever stack the RB?
  • What if RB1 was ruled out after salaries were posted?
  • When should you game stack?
  • Do you want secondary stacks?

The questions never end and the answers are different every slate.

So, you try to pick the important ones, but you’re always second guessing yourself.

And what happens when news breaks?

You’ve got to throw it all out, and start again with even less time.

Sports aren't played in spreadsheets

This is so hard because other optis only understand individual players, not games.

…and in real games, each player’s performance impacts everyone else in the game.

Understanding these correlations is essential to beating GPPs, but optimizers pretend they don’t exist.

That means it’s your job every slate to teach your opti how sports are actually played.

They project players, we simulate games

Our one-of-a-kind algorithm simulates every game thousands of times, play-by-play. Whenever something changes, a new set of sims automatically run.

This aren’t your typical projections.

This is thousands of game scripts fed directly into our custom optimizer.

This means you can build thousands of high-upside lineups in just a few clicks.

Are our lineups perfect?

Of course not.

We’re not giving you a magic money machine, we’re giving you a shortcut.

It still takes work to win, but you can skip 80% of the chores the outdated optis offload on you so you have more time to invest in the things that matter.

Why don't the other guys do this?

Here are just a few parts of the game we have to model:

And dozens of other factors everyone else ignores!

We model how every factor changes based on the score and the time left in the game.

They can’t do this with Google Sheets and an outsourced optimizer
– so they make you do it all.

Isn't software supposed to make your life easier?

We think so – that’s why we invest more in engineering than all of the other optimizers combined.

…and judging by the leaderboards, it’s worth every cent.

When everybody else is easing up, we’re doubling down.

Who do you want in your corner?


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