Everything you need to take down GPPs

The insights you’re missing, the shortcuts to get ahead, the control you need, and the expert support to put it all together.


Winning Insights

Player distributions

Our sims give you the full range of outcomes for every player on the slate so you can go beyond averages.

Point Projections

Get accurate team and player projections powered directly by our game simulations.

Ownership Projections

Take advantage of accurate ownership projections for every sport and slate in the lobby.


Build lineups using precise correlations between every player in the same game—not heuristics.


Use our unique metric to rank your lineups by their upside instead of average projections alone.


New sims run whenever news breaks so you can react to news faster than the field.

Time-saving shortcuts

5,000 lineups in under a minute

Build up to 5,000 lineups faster than others build 150. More lineups gives you more diversity and makes it easier to find the best lineups to enter.

Swap tools

React to news immediately with the same sim data and control you had before lock.

Entry Editor

Get your lineups from SaberSim into your contests in seconds without messing with CSVs.

Perfect control

Lineup rules

Easily get the exact construction you’re looking for with the most powerful rule builder in DFS.

Custom lineup metrics

Score your lineups based on what matters to you using any combination of data from our simulations or custom uploaded data.

Opti Mode

Don’t trust the black box? Switch from Sim Mode to Opti Mode and get complete control over how your lineups are built.

Custom data

Upload the custom data you need for your process and use it for lineup rules, custom lineup metrics, and more.

Aggregate projections

Benefit from the “wisdom of the crowd” by aggregating multiple sets of projections or ownership projections.

Min uniques

Diversify your lineups by setting your minimum number of unique players after the build.

Expert Support

Supported by DFS pros

SaberSim is built and used daily by a team of DFS professionals on a mission to give you what’s missing in today’s optimizers.

Daily office hours

Whether you’re a beginner or expert, our daily livestreams will help you get the most out of SaberSim.

Private Discord

Bounce ideas around, sweat your lineups, and celebrate your big wins with the best community in the industry.