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What plan should you get?

SaberSim has plans for all DFS players looking to supercharge their game.

If you play for the sweat and 20 or fewer lineups a night, then Standard has everything you need.

If you enter 150+ lineups a night, or use a lot of rules, groups, or custom data — go Pro.

But if you’re a competitive, serious DFS player looking for every edge you can get (or just want the complete SaberSim experience), go for Ultimate.

"Traditional optimizers are outdated. I've tried almost every one of them, and SaberSim is the best one, hands down."
Julien S. (Aka Giantsquid)
NFL Millionaire Maker Winner
- Sabersim Partner
"SaberSim notices players I'd never pick up on. You get more leverage and value using sims built by data scientists."
Max S. (Aka msteinberg009)
NFL Millionaire Maker Winner
- Sabersim Partner
"I didn’t think regular guys could have big scores like that. I keep looking at my DK balance because it still doesn’t feel real."
Douglas S. (aka IAMDMS)
NFL 100k Winner
- SaberSim Member

Frequently asked questions

How is SaberSim different from other optimizers?

SaberSim is the only optimizer designed to beat GPPs. Other optimizers rely on averages — but you don’t win tournaments with average outcomes. If you want to beat today’s tough games, you need the highest ceiling players and stacks. Powered by our one-of-kind simulator, SaberSim makes building these high-upside lineups easy.

Does SaberSim work for both cash and GPP?

Yes. Our simulator gives you a huge edge in GPPs, but you can also use SaberSim like a traditional optimizer for cash games.

Why would I want to build 5,000 lineups?

Building a big pool of lineups lets you find and play lineups that are both higher upside and more diverse than you would otherwise get.

What help do members get from the SaberSim team?

It takes more than great tools to get results. Here’s how our team helps you get the most out of SaberSim:

- Daily office hours: Our coaches go live on YouTube every weekday to answer all of your DFS questions.

- Private Discord Server: A private place to talk strategy with SaberSim coaches and other members.

- Complete strategy library: Dozens of videos covering everything from single entry strategy to late swap lessons.

Is the free trial really free?

Yes, our trial is 100% free — but not forever. If SaberSim isn’t for you, cancel before your 5 days are up and you won’t be charged. Cancelling takes a couple of clicks, and we’ll remind you 24-hours before your trial ends so there aren’t any surprises.

Can I change my plan later?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade any time from within the app.

I have another question...

Ask away at [email protected]. SaberSim is built and supported by a team millions in DFS profits, so you’ll get an answer from someone who knows the game inside and out.