Why go with SaberSim vs. RotoGrinders?


Over the years, RotoGrinders has put out a ton of content and they’ve built the biggest community in DFS. They deserve credit for that, but when it comes to helping you level up your game, they suffer from two BIG problems…

1) Information overload

On any given day, RotoGrinders puts out dozens of articles and podcasts while their forums have hundreds of posts. Some are good, but most aren’t—and when you’re flooded by all of this it’s impossible to know which is which.

How do you know what information to use? How do you know how to use it?

Even if you manage to figure it out, this kind of information is all about picks for that day’s games—not education that actually makes you better.

2) LineupHQ doesn’t understand upside

If you want to win today, you need to build lineups that take into account upside, correlation, and ownership for the sport, slate, and contest you’re playing.

LineupHQ ignores ALL of that. It hands you average projections and you have to do a ton of work to turn them into competitive DFS lineups.

In order to get winning lineups from LineupHQ, you need to spend hours dialing in every. single. setting.

Even if you figure it out, the right settings are different for every slate, sport, and contest. Who has time for that?

3) LineupHQ hasn’t changed in years

The LineupHQ way of doing things might have worked in 2015, but they haven’t released a meaningful update in years.

DFS gets tougher and tougher every year, and you need a tool that continues to innovate as your competition improves.

Why use an optimizer that builds lineups like it’s 2015.

How we’re different…

At SaberSim, we focus on quality over quantity both when it comes to content and our tools. We may not release dozens of articles every day, but we do have exactly what you need to maximize your edge.

If you want to level up your game but don’t have hours to spend wading through a sea of content or fighting with outdated tools, then you need SaberSim.

Start your free 5-day trial now and discover what SaberSim can do for you.

Need more?

Here are 7 more reasons to choose SaberSim vs. RotoGrinders…

1) We have a one-of-a-kind simulator

Powering all of our tools is our custom simulator that uses dozens of variables to simulate every single game, play-by-play, thousands of times. This unique process gives you correlations and player ranges of outcomes that RotoGrinders (or any other site) can’t come close to matching.

2) Our lineup builder builds 5000 competitive lineups in under a minute

After you spend hours getting all your rules in LineupHQ set, you have to wait even longer to just build a few hundred lineups that match them. Want to change something? You have to do it all over again.

Our lineup builder naturally incorporates the thousands of data points from our simulations, giving you 5000 competitive lineups in less than a minute.

3) We help you pick the best lineups to play

LineupHQ sorts your lineups by averaged projected score, but averages don’t win GPPs. Our SaberScore algorithm helps you identify the best possible lineups to play while accounting for upside, correlation, and ownership.

Go one step further with the best Contest Sims in DFS, which simulates your lineups in the DFS contests you’re playing to calculate the true ROI of your lineups.

4) We are constantly getting better

LineupHQ hasn’t updated in years. We continue to innovate, adding new features every single week to increase the power, speed, and control over your DFS process with SaberSim.

5) Our content actually helps you get better

If you want “cheatsheets” on who to play and don’t care if thousands of other people get the same tips, then maybe RotoGrinders is for you. At SaberSim, we don’t tell you who to play. Instead, we host daily livestreams where you can ask our coaches questions on how to improve your DFS process and post weekly videos to our YouTube channel that actually help you improve.

6) We have the best support team in DFS

No matter your DFS skill-level, we’re always here to help. You can reach out in our Discord server, in our in-app live chat, or by emailing [email protected] and answers immediately.

7) We want you to try before you buy

We have a completely free 5-day trial so you can see if SaberSim is right for you without spending a cent. What’s there to lose?


Don’t just take my word for it…


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