Why go with Sabersim vs. FantasyLabs?


Over the years, FantasyLabs has built a strong brand and are a major player in the DFS space. We have to give them credit for that, but when it comes to improving your DFS results, they suffer from two BIG problems…

1) Information Overload

FantasyLabs has a ton of tools that give you a TON of data. Some of it is useful, but most isn’t—and when you’re flooded by all of this it’s impossible to know which is which.

Where do you even begin?

2) Outdated tools

If you’re able to survive the avalanche of data, you’re still stuck using an outdated optimizer to actually do anything with it. 

If you want to win at DFS today, you need lineups with the right stacks, value plays, and fades. Old school optimizers ignore ALL of that. In order to get strong lineups from FantasyLabs, you need to spend hours dialing in every. single. setting.

Who has time for that?

Here’s how we’re different…

At SaberSim, we focus on quality over quantity. We may not have dozens of tools telling your information you don’t need to know, but we do have exactly what you need to maximize your edge.

And instead of giving you obsolete tools, we’ve created the only lineup builder that automatically accounts for correlations, ownership, and variance so you can build better lineups, faster.

Sure, you can build your own “model” in FantasyLabs by adjusting their preset statistics, but why not leave that up to the pros?

Our team has some of the top minds in the game (like giantsquid and nomoreiloveyous) and they’re working around the clock to improve our models.

If you want to level up your game but don’t have hours to spend wading through a sea of content or fighting with outdated tools, then you need SaberSim.

Start your free 3-day trial now and discover what SaberSim can do for you.

Need more?

Here are 4 more reasons to choose SaberSim vs. FantasyLabs…

3) We don’t tout

At SaberSim, we don’t tell you who to play. Instead, we’ve partnered with top pros (like giantsquid and nomoreiloveyous) to create content that helps make you a better player, week-in and week-out.

4) We have a one-of-a-kind simulator

Powering all of our tools is our custom simulator that uses dozens of variables to simulate every single game, play-by-play, thousands of times. This unique process gives you data FantasyLabs (or any other site) can’t come close to matching.

5) We have the best projections

FantasyLabs gives you a player’s average projection, but individual games are anything but average. The thousands of data points from our simulations allow us to build projections that go beyond averages and capture a player’s true range of outcomes. Nobody else can do this.

6) We want you to try before you buy

We have a completely free 3-day trial so you can see if SaberSim is right for you without spending a cent. At FantasyLabs, their “trial” is $15.95. Not much of a trial, is it?

Don’t just take my word for it…


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